Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OSMP & CCG Seek Public Comments on Draft Recommendations

As you can see from the following announcement posted on the CCG website, OSMP and the CCG is now requesting public comment on its Draft Recommendations

Community Collaborative Group (CCG) Proposals and Tentative Agreements

The CCG's draft package of preliminary recommendations for discussion at the December 6th Open House are available below. The public comment period will be from November 30 - December 12, 2010. The public meeting on December 6, 2010 will be from 6-9 pm at the East Boulder Recreation Center. A companion document outlining items the CCG has not completed their discussions on is also below.
Please send us your comments on the CCG Draft Package of Preliminary Recommendations.
Additional information is contained in the following e-mail that Steve Armstead is sending to "West TSA Followers."

Dear West TSA Followers,

Thanks for your patience while the CCG and OSMP staff have worked extremely hard to prepare the report presenting the CCG's preliminary recommendations.  Please keep in mind that the document only reflects the agreements the CCG have completed to date, not items for which there could be further discussion to see if they can find agreement.   A separate document is also available which outlines items the CCG have discussed without agreement, and remain open for further CCG discussion.   

These documents are now posted on our website and the information will also be available at the upcoming open house on December 6th.  The CCG is very interested in hearing your thoughts on the recommendations.  You can provide input at the open house as well as through the WTSA website (www.westtsa.org).  Comments can be submitted through December 12th. 

Thanks for your interest in the West TSA Plan.

Steve Armstead
Visitor Master Plan Implementation Coordinator
Open Space and Mountain Parks

You can also add your comments to this page and I will make sure they are forwarded to OSMP and the CCG.  Comments posted here will also help guide the decisions of your neighborhoods representatives.

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Guy Burgess
South Boulder Representative